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Consnant CNG330 100KVA UPS helps G104 national road construction

Consnant CNG330 100KVA UPS

Recently, the front line has been transmitted to Jiexun. The consnantUPS power supply has successfully assisted the Wenzhou section of the G104 national highway to provide comprehensive, safe and reliable uninterrupted power protection for the core equipment of the Wenzhou section.

G The G104 national highway runs through the east and the west of Wenzhou. The total length of Wenzhou is 215.5 kilometers. It is the main traffic artery of Wenzhou City and bears the mixed traffic of transit traffic and city area. With the development of the economy, the Wenzhou section has been carrying out road widening and transformation, but it has not been able to meet the growth of traffic volume. Traffic congestion and poor traffic often occur, or the demand for transportation cannot meet the needs of the above-mentioned Wenzhou section of the 104 national highway. Starting from the need to improve the layout of Wenzhou’s national highways, to promote regional economic development, strengthen national defense construction, and build Wenzhou’s national-level comprehensive transportation hub, it is urgent to request the construction of the G104 national highway Wenzhou transit road. The plan will be completed and opened to traffic at the end of 2015. After completion, it will help improve the road network structure and investment environment of the Wenzhou section of the G104 national highway, strengthen the traffic and economic links between the various areas along the route, greatly improve the regional road network structure, improve the layout of the Wenzhou highway network, and improve the area. The capacity and service level of the trunk road network is of great significance for the formation of favorable traffic conditions in Wenzhou metropolitan area to promote economic and social development along the line.

In response to project needs, consnant selected, designed, planned, selected and constructed the equipment for the UPS power supply room of the project room. The upgraded UPS power supply room can meet the critical load equipment of the existing data center computer room to the greatest extent. 7×24 hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing power protection for project communication, monitoring, charging systems, etc.

The project selected theconsnantUPS uninterruptible power supply system, which is a high-reliability product specially designed to meet the higher requirements of the power system. The system adopts the original online double-conversion structure, so that the output of the UPS is a frequency tracking/phase-locked voltage regulator/a pure sine wave power source that avoids noise/no interference from the power grid, which provides more comprehensive protection for the load and greatly improves the load. The reliability of the system. Input voltage range can be set, three-in and three-out operation mode, support 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz grid automatic identification, suitable for various loads, and has high overload capability, with boot diagnostic function, instant discovery of UPS hidden Sexual fault, prevention and failure, with bypass function, when the output overload UPS fails, it can be turned to the bypass working state without interruption, the mains continues to supply power to the load, and provides alarm information.

This project is another successful example of consnantUPS products in the road sector. (Correspondent: consnant power supply)