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Consnant modular UPS stationed in Tangshan Radio and Television University

Consnant Modular UPS

As the trend of modular UPS continues to rise, more and more data room and intelligent center use modular UPS power supply to better improve the efficiency of the data room, and make the computer room center more convenient to manage and maintain.

Recently, the Consnant modular UPS power supply CNM330, with its excellent performance, humanized product design, and excellent service. It was finally approved by the tenderer of Tangshan Radio and Television University to protect the safe operation of the school’s data room. Tangshan Radio and Television University was founded in 1979. It was founded in the early days as the Tangshan City Radio and TV University Workstation and the Tangshan District Administrative Office. In May 1983, the two stations of the city and the city merged and were collectively referred to as the Tangshan City TV University workstation. In September 1984, it was approved by the People’s Government of Hebei Province [1984] No. 69 document and was upgraded to Tangshan Radio and Television University. Tangshan TV University covers an area of 37.6 acres. There are 30 multimedia classrooms, three voice classrooms and six computer training rooms. There are nearly 800 computers available. It is equipped with satellite ground receiving station, two-way video system, distance learning platform, recording and broadcasting room, courseware production room and other teaching facilities. Therefore, it is a general trend to adopt high-efficiency and energy-saving modular UPS to ensure the power supply security of the data room.]

CNM330 series N+X modular UPS power supply has a very flexible system structure. The power module design concept can be freely removed and installed during system operation without affecting the operation and output of the system, enabling investment planning to achieve “on-demand expansion”. To enable users to achieve “dynamic growth” with business development, which not only meets the on-demand expansion of later equipment, but also reduces the initial acquisition cost. When users expect UPS capacity, they often have underestimation or high expectations. The CNM330 series power supply is effective. Solve the above problems and help users to build and invest in stages in the future without clear direction. When the user load needs to be increased, it is only necessary to increase the power module according to the planning phase.

CNM330 series module UPS, power module 20/30/40KVA, single cabinet supports up to 10 power modules in parallel to reach 300KVA, 4 units can be connected in parallel between single cabinet and single cabinet, and the maximum power is 1600KVA. Each power module has a separate DSP control unit. Once the power module fails, it is automatically isolated from the system and the system can continue to operate. The high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly design of this era, the use of high intelligence, makes customers less trouble and cost.

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