Ingreated outdoor solar & rectifier power system

Ingreated outdoor solar & Rectifier power system

Model Number: CND48200

Input AC voltage range:85Vac ~ 290Vac

Output DC voltage range:42Vdc ~ 58Vdc

Storage temperature Range: -40℃~+70℃

Application field:

  • Communication Base Station
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Ingreated outdoor solar & Rectifier power system


CND48200 solar system (hereinafter referred as solar system) is a solar power system that can be directly used outdoors.

Working Principle:

Through the solar module, the solar cell array transforms the solar energy into -48V DC power, which is then gathered into the DC distribution; at the same time, the AC power enters into the rectifier module and is rectified and transformed into -48V DC power which is then gathered into the DC distribution. The output of the solar module and the rectifier module is gathered together and then provided for the communication equipment in multiple channels.

1.Under normal circumstances, the power system operates in parallel floating charge(FC) state, that is, the rectifier module, solar module, load, and battery work in parallel; the solar module and rectifier module not only supply power to the communication equipment, but also provide FC current for the battery.

2. Under normal circumstances, the solar energy and the AC mains supply power normally, and the charging current for the system output load and battery is provided by the solar module. If the output power of solar module cannot meet all the loads, the rectifier module will supplement power to maintain the normal operation of the communication equipment.

3. When the output of AC mains is off, the rectifier module stop working, and the solar energy provides power normally. The charging current for the system output load and battery is provided by the solar module. If the output power of solar module cannot meet all the loads, the battery will supplement power to maintain the normal operation of the communication equipment.

4. When the output mains power is cut off, the rectifier module stop working, and the solar module cannot provide power normally. The system output load is powered by the battery to maintain the normal operation of communication equipment. When the battery discharges for a period of time and meets the conditions to start the DG, the monitor unit sends a signal to start the DG. When the DG works normally, it can provide AC input power for the rectifier module, and the rectifier module will supply power to the communications equipment again, and charge the battery to supplement the consumed power. When the DG reaches the conditions to stop, the monitor unit sends out stop signal, the DG stops working.

The monitor unit manages the functions of the solar power distribution, AC mains power distribution, DC power distribution, and DG in a centralized monitoring manner, and at the same time receives the operation information of the rectifier module and solar module through the CAN communication mode and conducts corresponding control. The monitor unit also has monitoring functions such as battery management, LLVD protection, battery protection, signal acquisition and alarms, and can carry out background communications. The monitor unit can also be connected to a local computer in RS232 mode. 

Application field

  • Communication Base Station












Module characteristic









The solar module has maximum power point tracking function. The maximum power point tracking accuracy is over 99.5%

The rectifier module adopts active power factor compensation technology, the power factor value is up to 0.99

The normal working range of the AC input voltage is 85Vac ~ 290Vac

The normal working range of the solar input voltage is 60Vdc ~ 150Vdc

The maximum efficiency of rectifier module is over 96% (R48-3200)

The maximum efficiency of the solar module is over 98%

The solar module and rectifier module have high power density

The solar module and the rectifier module adopt the non-destructive hot swap technology, that is Plug-and-Play. It takes less than one minute to replace the solar module and rectifier module

The solar module and the rectifier module have output over-voltage protection function, including hardware over-voltage protection and software over-voltage protection. And the software over-voltage protection has two modes for option: the first time over-voltage lockout mode, the fourth time over-voltage lockout mode

Battery management

Perfect battery management: battery protection, and functions like automatic voltage regulating, stepless current limiting, battery capacity calculation, automatic equalization/float charge conversion, online battery test.

Light and electricity complementary management

Perfect light/electricity complementary management function, which can achieve the priority of the solar power supply and and maximize the use of the solar energy

Power statistic

Load electricity consumption, solar power generated energy, mains generated energy, DG generated energy, battery discharge, battery charge

Data record

90 days record of historical data, the historical data can be uploaded.

200 records of history alarm,

10 groups of battery test data

Alarm function

Perfect fault protection and fault alarm functions

Network design

Providing one RS232 port, dry contact and other communication ports for network flexibility;

Enabling proximal end software upgrade and unattended operation

Humanized operation interface

LCD is designed with 15 degrees angle, which is more intuitional and convenient for the user’s operation.

Query the operating parameters, statistics, and historical alarms of the system through the LCD.

Control the system manually through the LCD

Lightning Protection

Perfect lightning protection design at AC and DC sides 

Energy-saving design

The system, in addition to the sleep energy-saving function of the rectifier module, also supports and gives priority to the use of solar energy input to the load, makes full use of solar energy, to achieve energy saving and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Outdoor type

The system protection level is up to IP55, can be used outdoors. The system is compact and easy to install




All the equipment in the system support the maintenance at the front

The system adopts rectifier module sleep technology, dual steady state contactor, low-power shunt and fan speed adjustable technology, and has more prominent energy-saving function

The optional AC heater makes the system work in low temperature reliably

Remote monitoring

The Modem is configured with GPRS function which can realize remote monitoring through providing data to the Internet server 


Technical Specifications:

Parameter category

Parameter Name







Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity



≤ 2000m (Derating is required at altitude above 2000m)


No conductive dust or erosive gases. No risk of explosion.

AC input






Power system

3-phase 5-wire

Rated input phase voltage

Line voltage 380Vac

Input voltage range

85Vac ~ 290Vac

Input AC voltage frequency

45Hz ~ 65Hz

Max. input current

≤ 55A (single phase)

Power factor

≥ 0.99

Solar input



Rated input voltage


Input voltage range

60Vdc ~ 150Vdc

Max. input current

50A (height 1U) x (1 ~ 12)

DC output




Output DC voltage range

42Vdc ~ 58Vdc

Output DC voltage


Output DC current

0 ~ 200A


≥ 95%, pure electric mode (R48-3200E); ≥ 96%, pure light mode 

Solar Distribution Panel


Input circuit breaker


Solar lightning protection


DC Distribution Panel



Output of loading

Fuse 160A/2pcs,100A/3pcs

Circuit Breaker 63A/1P*6pcs,32A/1P*4pcs ,16A/1P*2pcs

DC lightning protection


Battery input

Fuse 500A/1P*2pcs







Dimensions (mm)





600 (W) × 600 (D) × 1200 (H)

User equipment space

Height: 3U; width: 19inches

Solar module S48-3000

42 (1U W) × 285 (D, excluding the handle) × 135 (3U H)

Rectifier module R48-3200 

85.3 (2U W) × 287 (D, excluding the LOGO) × 132.3 (3U H)



Solar module S48-3000


Rectifier module R48-3200




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Ingreated outdoor solar & rectifier power system
Ingreated outdoor solar & Rectifier power system Model Number: CND48200 Input AC voltage range:85Vac ~ 290Vac Output DC voltage range:42Vdc ~ 58Vdc Storage temperature Range: -40℃~+70℃ Application field: Communication Base Station

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