Outdoor pole mount telecom power supply

Outdoor pole mount telecom power supply

Model Number:CNR Series 24/48VDC 60A

Nominal Capacity:24/48VDC 60A

Nominal Voltage: 220VAC/230VAC

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    CNR Series 24/48VDC 60A
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    99 Kg

Outdoor pole mount telecom power supply


Telecom equipments, usually used in the remote and rugged areas. CNR series power supply has unique features like high temperature resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, dust resistance, etc. It can provide these equipments reliable power supply under harsh conditions.

Besides, it has wide input voltage range and frequency range, can well adapt to the poor grid quality in these areas.



• The CNR series outdoor pole-mounted communication power system has a cost-effective,customizable rack-mounted supporting installation form.

• The system is composed of a rectifier part, a dynamic ring part, an ODF (optical fiber fusion splicing), a lithium battery part, and a power distribution part.

• At the same time the whole system can maintain high reliability and provide flexibility for future expansion.

• Based on the monitoring management function and power system monitoring function, equipped with appropriate sensors, the system can achieve environ-ment monitoring,provide lithium battery status information and system status information,and provide RS232,RS485, LAN communication interfaces.

• It can support MODBUS RTU,MODBUS ASCII,SNMP V1,V2,V3 protocols for unattended and remote monitoring.


Technical Parameters 

Model CNR 2460(Integrated custom system)  CNR 4860(Integrated custom system)
System Capacity 24V60A(One master and one backup)  48V60A(One master and one backup)
System Parameter
Rate Voltage 220/230/240VAC, Single phase in+Ground
Input Votage Range 90~280Vac  90~300Vac
Input Frequency Range 45~63Hz  45~65Hz
Rated Output Voltage 24VDC  48VDC
Stabilization Accuracy 20V~29V  42V~58V
Adjustable Voltage Range ≤±1%
Output  Current 30A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Dynamic Response Recovery Time ≥10ms
Inverter Efficiency 90%
Input PF ≥0.99
Display LED/LCD
Alarm Door opening alarm, Temperature and humidity alarm, Battery low, Mains failure, Over temperature
Work  Environment -10~40℃
Relative Humidity Maximum      95%(Non-Condensing)
Working <1000m. Power derate 1% for every 100m rise
Altitude Above   1000m,maximum   4000m
Storage Temperature -5~45℃
Storage Relative Humidity 0~90%
Cooling  Mode Fan cooling
Noise(1 meter) 53~62dB
IP Class IP55
Incoming Line Mode Bottom inlet
Maintenance  Mode Front
Power Distribution Part Input with lightning protection: level Class I+ll, level 1+2, compound type; Output: 3 channels 24VDC/48VDC
Built-in ODF 12 LC-UPC duplex adapter connections and 241.5M long, LC/UPC taps, fiber type: G655.C(optional)
LCD Display DC voltage, DC current, Charge/Discharge, Output voltage, Output current, Input voltage, Input frequency, System temperature, etc
Battery Type Lithium battery pack
Nominal Battery Voltage 25.6VDC  51.2VDC
Battery Capacity 100AH  50AH
Floating Charge Voltage 27VDC  56VDC
Equalizing Charging Voltage 28.8VDC  58VDC
Cut Off 22VDC 42VDC
Computer Interface MODBUS TCP/IP, SNMP V2/V3, RJ45 Port(System and dynamic ring host monitoring)
Weight 99Kg
Dimension:W×D×H(mm) 670*720*990
Cabinet Material SPCC-cold rolled steel (standard), Galvanized Steel /Stainless Steel/Aluminium (optional)




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Outdoor pole mount telecom power supply
Outdoor pole mount telecom power supply Model Number:CNR Series 24/48VDC 60A Nominal Capacity:24/48VDC 60A Nominal Voltage: 220VAC/230VAC

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