AC/SOLAR Charging Off Grid Hybrid Inverter

AC/SOLAR Charging Off Grid Hybrid Inverter


Model:CNS110 1-12KW

Nominal voltage:120VAC 1-6KW;220/230/240VAC1-12KW

Nominal frequency:50/60Hz



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    CNS110 1-12KW
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    20-60 Kg

AC/SOLAR Charging Off Grid Hybrid Inverter


CNS110 Series inverter is low frequency pure sine wave Dc 48V to AC 220V all in one inverter. Electrically integrated solar inverter consists of a 1KW-12KW  DC 48V to 120/240-volt AC split phase pure sine wave inverter with 60A or 120A MPPT solar charge controller, and AC charger to DC battery charger and an automatic transfer switch ideal for your off-grid solar system.


• AC/Solar charger Off grid Hybrid lnverter.

• LED/LCD display,Enhanced functions setting via LCD,Man-machine intelligent design.

• Built-in 60A optional MPPT solar charger controller.

• LCD shows the solar capacity.

• 5 stages adjustable AC charging current.

• AC charging also can be closed.

• AC/DC priority modes can be closed.

• Generator restart signal(Dry contact).

• 3 times peak power.Strong loading capacity.

• Overload,output short-circuit protection.

Technical specifications

Model                               CNS110-1KW -12KW
LV Model(1-6KW)  HV Model(1-12KW)
Line Mode Specifications:  
Input Voltage Input Voltage Waveform Sinusoidal (utility or generator)
Nominal Input Voltage LV 120Vac  HV 230Vac
Low Line Disconnect Normal:85Vac±4%  Normal:184Vac±4%
Wide:80Vac±4%  Wide:135Vac±4%

Low Line Re-connect
Normal:95Vac±4%  Normal:194Vac±4%
Wide:85Vac±4%  Wide:145Vac±4%

High Line Disconnect
Normal:136Vac±4%  Normal:263Vac±4%
Wide:140Vac±4%  Wide:263Vac±4%
High Line Re-connect Normal:131Vac±4%  Normal:253Vac±4%
Wide:135Vac±4%  Wide:253Vac±4%
Max AC Input Voltage 150Vrms  270Vrms
Input Frequency Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz(Auto detection)

Low Line Frequency


51+0.3Hz for 60Hz;
41+0.3Hz for 50Hz;
Low Line Frequency Disconnect 50+0.3Hz for 60Hz;
40+0.3Hz for 50Hz;

High Line Frequency


64+0.3Hz for 60Hz;
54+0.3Hz for 50Hz;
High Line Frequency Disconnect 65+0.3Hz for 60Hz;
55+0.3Hz for 50Hz;
Main Functions Output Voltage Waveform As same as Input Waveform
Over-Load Protection (SMPS load) Air switch
Output Short Circuit Protection Air switch
Max Bypass Overload Current 40A/50A
Battery Inverter Mode Specifications:
output Output Voltage Waveform Sine  wave 
Rated Output Power  (KW) LV:1/KW/2KW3KW/
Power  Factor 0.9~1.0
Nominal Output Voltage (V) LV:120Vac±10%rms HV:230Vac±10%rms
Nominal Output Frequency (Hz) 60Hz±0.3Hz
DC Voltage Nominal DC Input Voltage 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC
DC Voltage range 10-15.5Vdc for  12VDC
20-31.0Vdc for 24VDC
40-62.0Vdc  for  48VDC
Low Battery Alarm 10.5Vdc±0.3Vdc for 12V battery
21.0Vdc±0.6Vdc for 24V battery
42.0Vdc±1.2Vdc for 48V battery
Low DC input Shut-down 10.0Vdc±0.3Vdc for 12V battery
20.0vdc± 0.6Vdc for 24V battery
40.0Vdc±1.2Vdc for 48V battery
High DC input Alarm & Fault 16Vdc±0.3Vdc for 12V battery
32Vdc±0.6Vdc for 24V battery
64Vdc±1.2Vdc for 48V battery
High DC input Recovery 15.5Vdc±0.3Vdc for 12V battery
31.0Vdc±0.6Vdc for 24V battery
62.0Vdc±1.2Vdc for 48V battery
AC Charger Nominal Charge Current 20A/35A/50A/70A/90A(5 stages adjustable charging current)
Charge Current Regulation ±5Adc
Over Charge Protection Bat.V≥15.5VDC for 12V battery
Bat.V≥31.0VDC for 24V battery
Bat.V≥62.0VDC for 48V battery
beeps 0.5s every 1s & fault after 60s
Algorithm Three stage: Boost CC (constant current stage)→
Boost CV (constant voltage stage)→ Float (constant voltage stage)
Solar charger Rated Charge Current 40A 60A
Rated charge battery Voltage type 12V/24V/48V 12V/24V
Max.PV open circuit array voltage

12V for 40Vdc
24V for 55Vdc
48V for 110Vdc

Charger   mode MPPT
PV Low Voltage Re-connect PV≥Bat.V=3V
PV Low Voltage Disconnect PV≤Bat.V
Efficiency Efficiency ≥97%
Efficiency (Battery Mode) ≥85%
Efficiency (Line Mode) >98%
Transfer Time Ac to Dc 20ms(Max)
Dc to Ac 15ms   (Max)
System parameter Over-Load Protection 110%<load<150%, beeps 0.5s every 1s, and Fault after 60s off the output,
Load>150%, beeps 0.5s every 1s, and Fault after 20s.
Output Short Circuit Protection Current limit (Fault after 10s)
Surge rating(10s) 1:3(VA)
Power  saver Load≤25W(Enabled on"P/S auto" setting of Remote control)
Protections Low battery, over charging, over load , over temp.
Indicators LED+LCD   Display

Operating Temperature Range 0℃ to 40℃
Storage  temperature -15℃~60℃
Operation humidity 5%  to  95%(non-condensing)
Audible Noise 60dB   max
Cooling Forced air, variable speed fan
Dimension(L*W*H) 1-3KW:     526x423x260mm  4-6KW:    530*396*190mm
Net weight(Kg) 1KW 21.5Kg;1.5KW 23.5kg;2KW 26Kg; 3KW 30.5kg;4KW 32kg; 5KW 36.5kg;
6KW 40.5kg;7KW 43.5kg; 8KW 50kg;  10KW 57.5kg;12KW 60 kg




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AC/SOLAR Charging Off Grid Hybrid Inverter
AC/SOLAR Charging Off Grid Hybrid Inverter   Model:CNS110 1-12KW Nominal voltage:120VAC 1-6KW;220/230/240VAC1-12KW Nominal frequency:50/60Hz    

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