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  • China's first 10,000-ton PV hydrogen production project China's first 10,000-ton PV hydrogen production project Jul 01, 2023
    China's first 10,000-ton-level photovoltaic hydrogen production project was put into operation, with a hydrogen production capacity of 20,000 tons/year by electrolysis of water, and zero carbon emissions in the whole process. On June 30, my country's first 10,000-ton photovoltaic green hydrogen demonstration project - Sinopec Xinjiang Kuqa Green Demonstration Project will be put into operation to produce hydrogen. This marks the first time that my country has realized the industrial application of large-scale photovoltaic power generation direct hydrogen production process and engineering complete set of technology, providing a replicable and scalable demonstration case for the development of domestic photovoltaic power generation hydrogen production industry. Green hydrogen is directly produced by renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy, and basically does not produce greenhouse gases during the production process. The project utilizes abundant solar energy resources in Xinjiang to directly produce green hydrogen. The hydrogen production capacity of electrolyzed water is 20,000 tons/year, the hydrogen storage capacity is 210,000 standard cubic meters, and the hydrogen transmission capacity is 28,000 standard cubic meters per hour. The green hydrogen produced will be supplied to the nearby Sinopec Tahe River Industry to completely replace the existing natural gas fossil energy hydrogen production, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 485,000 tons per year.

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