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Off-grid Solar Power System 5500W

Apr 13, 2023

Off-grid Solar Power System 5.5KW with Lithium Battery

Package included
24 pcs 200W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
3 pc 48V 150Ah LiFePO4 Lithium lron Phosphate Battery
3 pair of Y Branch Solar Panel Connector
20 pcs Z Mounting Brackets
1 pc 16ft/5M 8AWG Solar-Controller Cable & 6 pairs of 16ft 11AWG Solar Extension Cable
2 pairs of 1ft 10AWG Lithium Battery Cable
1 pc 5500W 48V Solar Hybrid Inverter
1 pc 4 Strings Combiner Box
Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Installation GuideInstallation Guide
Step 1: Connect the 48V 150Ah battery pack to the contoller
Step 2: Connect each two 12V 200W solar panels in series to make twelve 24V 400W
solar panel groups
Step 3: Connect the twelve 24V 400W solar panel groups to the 4 string conbiner box
Step 4: Connect the combiner box to the controller, make sure the combiner box is off
Step 5: Connect the inverter with the battery pack
Step 6: Turn on the inverter and done
Solar Hybrid Inverter

Solar Hybrid Inverter

1. LCD display
2. Status indicator
3. Charging indicator
4. Fault indicator
5. Function buttons
6. Power on/off switch
7. AC input
8. AC output
9. PV input
10. Battery input
11. Circuit breaker
12. RS232 communication port
13. Parallel communication cable (only for parallel model)
14. Current sharing cable (only for parallel model)
15. Dry contant
About 4800W Solar System Solution
(ldeally Output power): The power of 19.2KWh per day under 4 hours full sunshine
by the 4800W solar panel system, very suitable for home,shed, cabin,farm or other
energy backup, and it will provide enough power for portable ac,air condition,TV,
refrigerator,coffee maker, microwave and other AC 110V/220V devices.
(Durable Solar Panel): Monocrystallin panel`s compact design with the size of
58.3”*26.2”*1.4” (Length, width and height).Aluminum frame and tempered glass
panel extended outdoor use,allowing the panels to lastfor decades.The IP66
waterproof panel can also withstand high winds(2400Pa) and sonw losds (5400Pa).
(Hybrid solar charger inverter ): Composed of 6200W 48V DC-110V/240V AC pure
sine wave inverter and 80A MPPT controller.Not only can it be used off-grid,but when
there is no sunlight,it can also receive electricity from the grid to charge the battery
to meet all-weather use,which will protect appliance life with no electromagnetic
pollution and has 99.9% high efficiency power.
(High Capacity Li-Battery Bank ): With 21600 Wh of 3pcs 48V 150Ah lithium batteries,
which have higher charging/discharging efficiency and more than 6000 times deep
cycles than lead acid batteries.Built-in BMS chips(battery management system),can
also prevent the lithium battery from getting damaged and provide double protections.
(Warm After-Sales Service ): The ready-to-use solar power system includes 24pcs
200W solar panel,1pc 5500W 48V hybrid solar charger inverter,3pcs 48V 150Ah
LiFePo4 batteries,1 pc 4 strings PV combiner box as well as accessories needed.
These items will be sent in seperate packages and 2 year WARRANTY is provided.
Any other questions,please feel to contact us.
Lithium LifePO4 pack
High Energy Density
LiFePO4 batteries store much more energy compared with lead-acic batteries.
LiFePO4 batteries have a deep charge rate providing maximum versatiliy.
Eco Friendly
LiFePO4 batteries use more abundant and non-toxic materials that can be
produced with less energy and easy to recycle.
LiFePO4 are nerarly 4 times as powerful as SLA and can provide more time of use.
Long Service Life LiFePO4 Batteries
These batteries will provide you with 6000 complete charge and discharge cycles.
Light Weight
Conveniently light as well as powerful making LiFe Batteries very versatile.
High Efficiency
LiFePO4 Batteries have a flatter discharge curve that holds above 48 volts for up to
90% of its usage capacity.It consumes an even amount of energy efficiently,allowing
for longer use and without significant fluctuations in energy consumption.By contrast,
Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries (SLA) increase their consumption rate as they discharge
and this consumption rate becomes even greater when SLA Batteries hit 50%. 
Our battery management system utilizes only the highest quality components and is
manufactured specficially for our LiFePO4 cells to boost performance and maximize
lifespan, as opposed to competitors who source boards and parts from various, unreliable suppliers.
•Our cells undergo a strict and selective quality control process that ensures only the best A-grade cells make it into the final battery.
•The cells are certified with UL1642 as a testament totheir safety and performance.
•Any cell that reaches the final stage of production is confidently given an official rating of up to 7000  cycles. 
5500W Complete Solar System
5500W Off-grid Solar power system, generating 19.2KWh per day depends on the 4 hours sunlight availability, which can be able to satisfy your daily household electricity consumption. This kit is great choice for holiday homes, cabins, workshops, remote offices, stables,and other places where is lack of sufficient electricity.
This is a complete solar system includes inverter and lithium battery, no need to buy extra parts or accessories.EncIosed the user manual on our page, helps you to install this system.By the way, please note that the system will be shipped in several packages to prevent the items from getting damaged.





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