Baosteel Tank Truck Vehicle Battery System

Apr 12, 2023

Baosteel Tank Truck Vehicle Battery System

Lithium energy storage system 51.2VDC 200AH


This system is tailored to provide effective power protection for automatic driving control systems.

Main features:

(1) Integrated design, automatic docking, automatic identification, start by soft start;

(2) The industry’s unique centralized monitoring and control management system facilitates monitoring and management of the entire system;

(3) Industrial BMS battery management system, high-precision sampling of cell temperature and single cell voltage, branch MODBUS and CAN communication;

(4) Single-phase AC or DC input, DC 24V and AC 220V dual output;

(5) The locomotive PLC control system and parking control system are integrated inside the cabinet, saving on-site installation space;

(6) The backup battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery, with a full module design.

(7) The outer box is specially designed for coastal areas, and stainless steel plus special outdoor surface treatment design.

(8) The design of the enclosure’s IP55 protection level is equipped with a dedicated air conditioner for outdoor enclosures, which is particularly suitable for high temperature regions.

(9) Double-layer design of the cabinet and double backup of the cooling system to ensure the safe use of equipment and batteries in the cabinet.


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