Modular UPS

High frequency online UPS 6K system for offices

May 10, 2024

High-frequency online UPS 6K system, backup time of 5 hours.


Project: Used for offices in Tel Aviv, Israel


1. Zero Transfer time

True Double Conversion Online UPS, Provide most comprehensive protect mission critical equipment from wide range power quality issues.

2. DSP Digital Control Based

Advance DSP base digital control bring high performance of high input Power factor, low distortion , supply the load with perfect sine wave AC power supply.

3. Ultra Wide Input Mains range

Strong compatible with ultra with electric environment, stay well with ultra wide range mains of  90V~300V, 40~70Hz ,dramatically reduce battery discharge , prolong battery life.

4. Best Loading Capability

Up to 0.9 (1.0 optional) Output Power Factor, 50/60 Hz Automatically adapting, selectable voltage , perfectly match all kind of application.

5. Genset Compatible

Capable of work with wide range of Genset, isolate fluctuation and noise from Genset , provide stable and clean power supply to the user equipment.

6. High Input power factor

Thanks to digital controlled  PFC Technology, >0.99 input power factor, effectively avoid power pollution , save energy expense for customer.

7. Reliable design

Made with strong Glass fiber base (FR4) double side PCB, company with large span component, greatly improve reliability in harsh environment, Well designed ventilation and conformal coating , avoid dust accumulation ,improve resistant to corrosion.

8. Open to customization


Based on powerful controller and open architecture, the product is able to be customized to match need of integration of automatic system or intelligent supervisory system.


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