In mass production:Low Frequency Online UPS 40K

Dec 14, 2023

Low Frequency Online UPS


A Low Frequency Online UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a type of power backup system that provides continuous, high-quality power to critical electrical equipment. It is designed to protect sensitive devices from power disruptions, such as blackouts, voltage fluctuations, and electrical noise.

Working Principle:

The Low Frequency Online UPS operates by converting AC power to DC power through rectification. The DC power is then used to charge the batteries connected to the UPS. During normal operation, the UPS continuously supplies power to the load by converting the DC power back to AC power through an inverter. This ensures a seamless transition between the utility power and battery power during power outages, providing uninterrupted power supply to the connected equipment.


1. High Efficiency: The Low Frequency Online UPS offers high efficiency, typically above 90%. This means that it converts a large portion of the input power into usable output power, reducing energy waste and saving costs.

2. Voltage Regulation: It provides precise voltage regulation, protecting connected equipment from voltage fluctuations that can damage sensitive electronics.

3. Isolation: The UPS isolates the connected equipment from the utility power, protecting it from electrical noise, spikes, and surges.

4. Battery Backup: The UPS has a built-in battery backup system that provides extended runtime during power outages. This allows critical equipment to continue operating until power is restored or a proper shutdown can be executed.

5. Scalability: Low Frequency Online UPS systems can be easily expanded by adding additional battery modules or connecting multiple UPS units in parallel, providing scalability to meet growing power demands.


Low Frequency Online UPS systems are widely used in various industries, including:

1. Data Centers: Protecting servers, storage systems, and networking equipment from power disruptions is crucial to ensure uninterrupted data processing and prevent data loss.

2. Telecommunications: UPS systems are used to provide backup power for telecom towers, fiber optic networks, and communication equipment to maintain connectivity during power outages.

3. Medical Facilities: Hospitals and clinics rely on UPS systems to provide continuous power to critical medical equipment, such as life support systems, diagnostics, and monitoring devices.

4. Industrial Automation: UPS systems are essential for maintaining power supply to automated machinery and control systems, preventing production downtime and equipment damage.


A Low Frequency Online UPS is a reliable and efficient power backup solution that ensures uninterrupted power supply to critical equipment. Its high efficiency, voltage regulation, and battery backup capabilities make it an ideal choice for various industries where continuous power is essential.

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