Low Frequency Online UPS system applied to hospital projects

Jan 03, 2024

CNG330 Series -----Low Frequency Online UPS System

The project was successfully installed in hospitals.

Low Frequency Online UPS System: UPS host (30KVA-180KVA)+ battery(12v)

Low Frequency Online UPS Features:

• High intelligence and reliable power supply:

It provides maximum protection for vital mission-critical networks, security applications (electro-medical), and industrial applications thanks to its outstanding mechanical and electrical design.

The load is powered continuously by the inverter with a filtered, stabilized, and regulated sine wave supply. The input and output EMI filter considerably increase the immunity of the load to mains disturbances and surges.

The CNG330 series UPS uses on-line double conversion technology (VFI) with an isolation transformer on the inverter output.

It is supplied with Watch & Save 3000 software as standard and can be remotely monitored using the Power Net Guard system from anywhere in the world. Additional battery extension packs allow the standard battery routine to be extended up to several hours.


• Minimum impact on supplies easy sources:

Input current distortion <4% for the CNG330 with a filter with sinusoidal absorption to remove the risk of resonance with other input supply users or phase shift capacitor sets. The absorbed current distortion is independent of input supply parameters such as impedance. This enables CNG330 to deliver maximum performance levels regardless of the installation environment. With these input features CNG330 can achieve significant savings in terms of sizing and power supply sources isolation transformers and generators over less sophisticated power systems.


• Maximum battery care:

Battery deep discharge protection;

Temperature compensating charger;

Built-in automatic and manual battery test feature.


• Simple to install:

Capability to install the UPS into any distribution system(neutral not required on rectifier input);

Capability to separate the rectifier/bypass power networks and to power these from two separate sources, without Galvanic isolation (Necessary on UPS without an output transformer).


• High reliability:

Extremely high short-circuit current to ensure compatibility with the most difficult transformer applications (lighting, drives, and industrial processes) and an isolation transformer on the inverter output;

Full microprocessor control with no-break static and manual bypasses;


• IGBT technology.


Application field:



Traffic control field

Bank, Securities Clearing Center

Control applications in industrial processes

Medium-scale network management system, billing center

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