Portable power supply

Jul 05, 2023

Portable energy storage, simply understood as a large power bank, the current main application scenarios are outdoor activities and emergency power consumption, can be used for smart phones, tablet computers, drones, lights, refrigerators, rice cookers and other digital devices and small household appliances Power supply to alleviate power shortages such as power shortages, power outages, and emergency rescue.

Compared with common charging treasures, outdoor portable energy storage products have a larger charging capacity and output power. It is understood that portable energy storage products can be divided into two categories according to the charging capacity of a single machine: one is small and portable equipment with a charging capacity of 0.5-1kwh; the other is equipment with a charging capacity of 1.5kwh to 2kwh, which can mainly replace The previous market for fuel generators.

In terms of output power, portable energy storage products can reach 100W to 2200W, and are equipped with various interfaces such as USB, AC, DC, Type-C, PD, etc., which can supply power for digital devices such as refrigerators and rice cookers, and small household appliances. Since energy storage products usually carry inverters, they can support AC and DC output, and the price is mostly between US$300 and US$3,000. In contrast, the power banks commonly used by consumers can only support DC output.


In addition to charging in advance, portable energy storage can also be used with solar panels. The output power of a single solar panel is between 60w and 200w, so that when the battery power is exhausted, the energy storage can be charged outdoors with photovoltaics to form a small solar power generation system. , to achieve continuous off-grid power generation and prolong the power supply life.

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