CONSNANT Boost Steel Plant Intelligent Transformation

May 25, 2023

 CONSNANT Boost Steel Plant Intelligent Transformation

In Apr 2023, CONSNANT won the bid of Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Our products were applied to the molten iron transport tank train to provide power guarantee for the trains PLC system. Before this, we have provided similar products and services for Zhanjiang Baosteel Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Liaoning Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.,, Inner Mongolia Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and other steel enterprises for many times.

The molten iron transport tank train is used by the metallurgical enterprise to transport the blast furnace molten iron to the steel mill, cast iron machine, foundry for steelmaking, also called torpedo tank. Iron ore is treated by blast furnaces and melted into molten iron. The temperature of molten iron is more than 1,500 degrees Celsius. They are transported by the tanker trains to the steelmaking plants kilometers away. The job of transporting molten metal is very dangerous. With the advent of automation, digitization and intelligence, now automated driving is replacing the human driving and which can keep workers away from danger. Although it runs along the track, It is not easy to get the train to drive itself, there will be personnel and vehicles shuttle from time to time in the steel mill. The torpedo tank is full of molten iron, in case someone strayed into the track, without driver control completely automatic driving, once the collision with it, more than 1500 degrees Celsius of molten iron spilled out will be devastating consequences. So automated driving train must have the ability of recognizing potential hazards and stopping themselves, that would need a complete set of monitoring devices which would act as the driver's eyes and ears. To be sure the safety, these monitoring devices must always be online and ready to serve any time. Our power equipment is tailored to provide effective uninterruptible power supply for the automatic driving control PLC system and escort the train safe driving.

 The system features are as follows:

(1) Integrated design, automatic docking, automatic identification, soft startup; 

(2) The industry unique centralized monitoring and control management system, it is convenient to monitor and manage the whole system; 

(3) Industrial BMS battery management system, high precision sampling cell temperature and single cell voltage, with MODBUS and CAN communication;  

(4) Single phase AC or DC input, DC 24V and AC 220V double output;  

(5) The cabinet integrates the train PLC control system and parking control system, saving the installation space on site;

(6) The backup battery adopts lithium iron phosphate battery with full modular design;

(7) The outer cabinet is specially designed for coastal areas, stainless steel plus special outdoor surface treatment design.

(8) Cabinet IP55 protection grade design, equipped with special outdoor air conditioning, well adapt to the climate in high temperature area.

(9) The cabinet has double-layer design and the heat dissipation system is dual standby, to ensure the safety of the devices and batteries.

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