Modular UPS

UPS For Photovoltaic Power Station

Jun 06, 2023

UPS For Photovoltaic Power Station

Electricity UPS successfully installed and commissioned

Leizhou Photovoltaic Power Station:

1. 20KVA UPS power cabinet

2. 2pcs Battery cabinet (including battery 12V 100ah, 32 cells in total), which must meet the normal operation of the centralized control system equipment (maximum power of 13KW) during power outages, and the power supply time shall be at least 2 hours above.

CONSNANT CND110 series Electricity UPS 20KVA provides uninterrupted power supply for photovoltaic power station equipment load and control system.



• Adopt full digital control technology.

• Intelligent detection and monitoring function.

• Digitally control the static switching with zero switch.

• Full isolation between input and output.

• Super low output zero earth voltage.

• DC UPS isolated with utility power Compatible with the DC power system and isolated with utility power completely.

• Cubicle design with the power standard both indication and cabinet (Can be customized according to customer demands).

• Multifunctional protection for over voltage, under voltage,over current, short circuit and over temperature and so on.

• Large-screen LCD monitor with Chinese and English operation interface.

• Ultralong 256 event record, user-friendly analysis and management to the situation of the power supply (touch screen optional).

• Static bypass has a strong anti-overload capability.

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